Bead Embroidery kit Moon and sun DIY Beadwork

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Sold without frame

This is a kit for completely embroidered with beads and stones

Drawing on cloth for PARTIAL

Fabric: atlas

The size of the colored part: 26 * 36 cm (10 X 14.1 in)

The kit includes:

-fabric with printed pattern
-Preciosa beads (Czech Republic)
-special bead embroidery needle
-special bead embroidery threads
-sew-on beads
-sew-on stones
-sew-on bugles

Manufacturer: (Ukraine)
Technique: Beadwork

Everyone, regardless of their experience in embroidery, can buy a kit for embroidery with beads and create their own embroidered masterpiece.

It is easy to work with such sets, because having decided to buy kits for embroidery with beads, you will immediately acquire everything you need.
Such a picture will delight the eye and fit into any interior, and also take its rightful place in your room.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Bead Embroidery kit Moon and sun DIY Beadwork is for you.

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