3D bead kit house in flowers

3D bead kit house in flowers

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This is a kit for completely embroidered with beads
Set for embroidery picture beading.

The kit includes:
• color printing on airborne forces fabric (Ukraine),
• Preciosa beads (Czech Republic),
• Tytan 100 threads
• needle

Manufacturer: Tela Artis (Ukraine)

Technics: Beading

Subject: Landscapes, buildings

Stitching: Partial

Scheme: Colored character Size: 30 * 30cm

Colors: 22

Canvas: Atlas

Number of beads: 4 670

Drawing on the TA-450 diagram. The house in a flower frame from the Ukrainian manufacturer Tel Artis is applied to the atlas. The material is excellent as a basis for beading, as it can be pierced with a needle without difficulty and does not require the use of a hoop. Good readability of the circuit will also be an undoubted advantage. Even small details can be seen in the image without any problems. And the contrast between bright beads and dark tones of the canvas will give the picture an additional volumetric effect.

The 3D bead kit house in flowers is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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