Bead Embroidery Kit Big Ben

Bead Embroidery Kit Big Ben

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Sold without frame

This is a kit for completely embroidered with beads

Drawing on cloth for PARTIAL beadwork.

the size 20x27 cm = 8"х10.6"

Manufacturer: (Ukraine)
Technique: Beadwork
The kit includes:

- Full-color printed pattern of embroidery;
- High-quality Czech beads Preciosa No. 10;
- Beaded needle;
- Special strong thread for embroidery with beads;
- Detailed instructions.
This beaded cross stitch kit includes everything you need to get started as soon as you open it!

The art of beadwork, also known as bead cross stitch, is an easy to do and very relaxing hobby. You will get amazing results with little effort - a unique piece of art and attractive wall decor for your home with a 3D effect. A handmade bead painting can make a great gift for a special someone or for your own collection.

- All our drawings are printed on special high-strength fabric using modern printing technologies. The fabric wears out, does not stretch and is easily pierced with a needle. The beads are sewn to the embroidery pattern according to the color code printed on the side of the fabric pattern.
-The set is equipped with a sufficient number of high-quality calibrated beads. The bead color number is listed on each bag.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Bead Embroidery Kit Big Ben.

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