Bead Embroidery Kit Swans

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Manufacturer: VDV

Weight of beads: 269 g.

Number of colors: 22

Finished work size: 40x40 cm

Needle: Pony (India) or Akra #10 (Czech Republic)

Beads: Preciosa #10 (glass)

Embroidery technique: semi-cross

Fabric: satin (100% polyester)

Thread: Tytan 100 (100% polyester)


Set for embroidery picture beading. The kit includes: • color printing on airborne forces fabric (Ukraine), • Preciosa beads (Czech Republic), • Tytan 100 Ariadna threads (Poland), • needle Pony (India) or Akra No. 10 (Czech Republic), • brief instructions.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jul 24, 2024