Money fish. Abris Art. Bead embroidery kit. DIY BEAD KIT

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Manufacturer: Abris Art (Ukraine)
Product type: Paintings
Technics: Beading
Canvas type: Canvas
Subject: Underwater world
Stitching: Partial
Size: 32x33 cm
Colors: 14
Canvas: Natural art canvas
Bead manufacturer: Preciosa Ornela (Czech Republic)
Number of beads: 11 321

The basis of each of the works that you create with AbrisArt is a natural art canvas, similar to the one on which artists paint. Thanks to him, all the elements that the artist created, creating a picture, based on which a scheme for embroidery was developed, are transmitted with maximum accuracy.

Together with AB-823 Money Fish. Abris Art. Set for embroidery with beads (AB-823), you will receive a stylish element of your interior that will decorate your home and bring a touch of brightness to your interior.

Set AB-823 Money Fish includes:

natural art canvas with a printed diagram;
Preciosa beads (Czech Republic);
needles for embroidery with beads;
microbeads No. 13;
microbead needle;
Preciosa beads;
decorative stones: glass - rondel 10 pcs .;
detailed instructions.
P.S. The kits are not completed with threads for embroidery with beads and baguettes, without a mat - choose them according to your taste!

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Money fish. Abris Art. Bead embroidery kit. DIY BEAD KIT is for you.

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